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War in an Exotic Land Prolouge
War In An Exotic Land
Coronado, Califoenia, United States Of America
        September 15th 2010
"Lets see whats on the news", Click, "Today India's New President Muppala Lakshmana Rao says 3 days ago his Naxalite-Maoist army has conquered India they now Control India"., "They have already executed president Pratibha Patil and in 3 days will will execute prime minister Manmohan Singh".  "Wait a minute this just in Indian forces have just invaded Sri Lanka, Bangledesh, Nepal and Bhutan and have already made a great push in all of those countries."" We have Benn asked to go to footage of a live speech of president Barrack Obama. "My Fellow Americans as you may or may not now India has become a communist country and has broke of there ties with the UN and by orders of the UN America has been asked to stop the communist India and well we have already placed ecnomic sanctions on them and plan to free the prime minister and the chief
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war of All wars Ch.3
Chapter 3
Fight For the crown on another Ground
Haparanda,Sweden Jan.2nd 2020
"Jesus Johnson its freezing out here", "I know but it don't matter, were here for a mission and well stay here till that mission is succesful', I understand but do we really need the Guille Suit's, I mean why cant we use normal heated uniform's it's not like the enemy isn't gonna notice us when we hit them"." Captian Thomas do you read me", "Yes Colonel I copy you"," Good to you got a good field of view on the bridge?", "Yes sir I see and before you ask I don't see any enemy forces but I will make sure you know',"Good, and make sure you pay attention up there kay","Yes sir".Captain Thomas was a good man a little problem with complaining but he was well known, they called him captain flame do to his anger and his red hair which showed he was of course scottish. Sergent Jonson was his best friend and was always the spotter when the two would be sniping for a mission. " Jonson why exactly are we even out here he
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War Of All wars Ch.2
                                                                    Chapter 2
                              AirSpace near Bratislava(Current Chinnese Europe Battilfield Command)
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War of All Wars Banner by AkamarusXNeliel War of All Wars Banner :iconakamarusxneliel:AkamarusXNeliel 0 0
War of All Wars Ch.1
Chapter 1
                  Europes Hope under Attack
Manschnow Germany, German forces Front Line
Date: December 13 2019
It's cold, so cold in the winter, here on the front just waiting for the chinnese to attack, luckily our ant air defense's keep thier planes at bay and thier artillery they've been using is light and weak aswell as indirect. Maybe before I continue maybe I should tell you who I am, my name is Leon Schultz im a Feldwebel or in American armed forces im the equlivant of your sergent, I used to be in the patrooper and my regiment dropped in to help Poland when China invaded but now I need to defend the Fatherland and I plan to do just that. Were here in Manschnow to defend against Chinnese assault but are defense's are not high, we have a couple of mg's and anti-tank guns defending the shallow river, we have barricaded the road and mined are flanks but we dont have to much men and o
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War Of All Wars Prolouge
Well were to begin...Let's see well in the year 2010 late that year chinnese miliatary strength increased with more soldiers
weapons, and such. Then the year 2013 January 13 the chinnese invaded mongolia, and on July 23rd the mongolians
surrendered. At the same time on a few seprate dates between the earleier stated the chineese invaded North Korea,
Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanamar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, Sir Lanka, this huge invasion ended April 24th 2014.
On 2015 January 10th India felling threatend attacked china there soldiers quickly beat back across the border in a month, then on
April 10th china attacked india taking the country December 31st 2015.In the next two and a half years china took over most of
Asia save for Russia becuse they allied them selves with China. On May 2nd china begein conquest of europe, they now are on the borders of Germany, Austria, And
Italy this countries forming what is known as Europes wall of hope.Also Russia is on the bor
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its a simple plan we simply invade and take over China. We owe our debt to them so we take them over no debt problem cause we have no one we own monet to. plan be we invade mexico for thier drug money to pay off debto. plan c invade the saudi's for thier oil and oil money. Plan D invade someone not before mentoned. Trust me as many medevil lords will tell u conquering is the best way to make money and make a living. :)


United States
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